shares his experience of dying and we talk intimately about love, forgiveness, suffering, peace and meaning.

The culmination of our life together is that I could help Chris die and he could guide and comfort me. How would this time unfold?

Dying is our teacher and we learn from each other. We find our deepest meaning by bringing all emotions and intuition into experience without judgment.

Our world is filled with questions. Answers change; some are not forthcoming and we wonder: can they exist? Control seems irrelevant and this increases my compassion for self and others.

Our dialogues express what we taught each other, how we changed during this time and our love. These are days of great passion, infused with our characteristic humor.

Our words explore the relationship between how we thought about dying in the past and what would actually transpire; and my journal reveals how this loss, profound beyond words, has altered my relationship with the world.


Increasing Empathy
& Compassion
Through Intimate Theater

Here is a window through which you will feel the force that compelled us to mate, will feel the breeze that must speak a story forever, the way a wind must always cause branches to sing.

  • ​​With great emotion and gentle humor,                     A Finished Heart  gives you an inside view  of dying, caregiving and loss, inspiring deeply empathic listening and communication.

  • Through tender life story, A Finished Heart  increases empathy for same-sex relationships  leading to a greater culture of inclusion.​

  • Experiencing A Finished Heart  strengthens compassionate attitudes and skills in any endeavor that involves our relationships with one another.

​​​Eliott Cherry

It will lead to increased empathy and cultural competency resulting in improved health

care quality. ...

​Timothy J. Richardson, MD, VA Maine Healthcare System

Production Requirements:  Extremely simple to present, the work is approximately 65' in length and performed without intermission. Each performance is followed by audience discussion with Eliott Cherry or a workshop session, as contracted. For technical specs, click here.  Two versions of live performance are available:

1. Eliott performs with a recording of the musical score.

All fees are based on this version unless otherwise indicated.
2. Eliott performs with an accompanying pianist using an 
acoustic or digital piano.  Suitable for concert venues, this version requires additional costs for musician and instrument.

Inspiring Life and Love

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A Finished Heart is a love story, my one-man, live performance of narrative, conversation and poetry with a musical score. The piece introduces Chris, who, in 2007, is my husband of sixteen years. At the age of 56, he is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and has three months to live. As I care for him, Chris

A Finished Heart

A Finished Heart is intimate theater intended as an educational and community-building experience. It does not constitute therapy,

or a medical or psychological service of any kind.

Always seek appropriate professional services as needed.

Thank you, Eliott, for creating space within my heart and the hearts of many to give and receive love in ways unimagined. ...

Mary Elizabeth Peterson, Hospice Chaplain, Portland, Oregon

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