Inspiring Life and Love

A Finished Heart

Caring for Chris at home, I was filled with gratitude for our remaining time together, amazed and inspired by our conversations. As we spoke, I remembered our words and, as Chris slept, I wrote down as much as I could.

Gradually,  I knew that I would be compelled to share our intimate dialogues filled with tenderness, grief, humor, devotion and transformation. Chris gave me his blessing and, two years after his death, I created this one-man performance called, A Finished Heart. It integrates narrative, conversation, poetry that I wrote after Chris died and a musical score.

Here are words chosen by audience members to reflect their experience of

A Finished Heart:    

© 2016 Eliott Cherry, All Rights Reserved.

I wish to strengthen people's compassion for one another through emotional connection. I want to create community

by inviting you into the world

of two men who have committed

their lives to each other.



A Finished Heart

​Why do I perform this piece?

A Finished Heart

is a celebration

of feeling ...

Completed in 2009 and supported by major funding organizations, A Finished Heart has been performed 35 times and presented in five states. Eliott is working to bring this piece to diverse audiences throughout the country and beyond.

Eliott Cherry, originally trained as a musician, studied in New York City with private teachers and at the Leonard Davis Center for the Performing Arts of City College of New York under the principal mentorship of composer, Jan Meyerowitz.  Eliott has been a resident of the Millay Colony for the Arts (1983).  In addition to his dramatic performances of A Finished Heart, he has been active as a cellist, composer and teacher of music.      

Eliott kept a diary of his conversations with his husband of sixteen years, Chris Chenard, as he cared for Chris at their home during three months of illness. After Chris died, Eliott expanded his writings with poetry and prose. This journal is the source of A Finished Heart, for which Eliott has created an accompanying musical score for solo piano.