Inspiring Life and Love

A Finished Heart

​​​Support your employees who are faced with caregiving, death and dying, loss and bereavement.

A Finished Heart  provides a real-life example of a man embracing emotional awareness and expression to engage with many of the most intense realities we can face as human beings: devastating illness, caregiving, dying and grief. A Finished Heart demonstrates how cherishing even the most difficult emotions has allowed the author to survive, transform and thrive. By feeling along with him, your employees will be immersed in the beauty of intimacy that can bring them to a quiet, deep connection with themselves, with each other, and with universal experience. 

Build community. Boost morale. Celebrate diversity.

As they attend A Finished Heart, co-workers at all levels will join together to share a true story of two men in love who are devoted to each other.  Your employees can learn from a visceral experience of empathy as they are drawn into authentic, active listening and compassionate communication. When you utilize this performance to build community and to provide a model of caring, personal interaction, your LGBT colleagues can feel a great sense of validation, inclusion and respect. Your company will have demonstrated and advocated for the acceptance of their families and their lives. 

Your company will use A Finished Heart:

  • to support your employees' emotional health
  • to foster empathy and caring communication
  • to demonstrate a welcoming, inclusive environment​
A Finished Heart, Eliott Cherry's solo show of conversation with story, poetry and music, employee assistance program support, health care continuing education, LGBT diversity awareness

© 2017 Eliott Cherry, All Rights Reserved.

Eliott Cherry presents his true love story, A Finished Heart, to inspire new life perspectives, increase acceptance of LGBT lives, validate emotional feeling and expression, and to support individuals faced with caregiving, death and dying, loss and bereavement.

Employee Assistance

Program Support

A Finished Heart is intimate theater, intended as an educational and community-building experience.

It does not constitute therapy, or a medical or psychological service of any kind.

Always seek appropriate professional services as needed.

Eliott Cherry, A Finished Heart, LGBT diversity awareness, employee assistance program support, continuing healthcare education

First performed in 2009, A Finished Heart has been presented by university departments of nursing, social work, education, and related fields. The performance has been used for clinical education approved by the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) and as part of adult education programs for faith communities.

Performances have been supported by many organizations that include AARP, Compassion & Choices, Employee Resource Groups of the City of Portland and Multnomah County, Oregon, and the Employee Assistance Program of University of Maine at Orono.

Funding for performances has also been received from state and regional grants that include Portland, Oregon's Regional Arts and Culture Council, North Portland Neighborhood Services, SE Uplift Neighborhood Coalition, Maine Community Foundation, Maine Arts Commission, Maine Humanities Council and the JSL Foundation.