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A Finished Heart

The choice to end one's life with the aid of a physician when certain conditions are met is legally possible in a handful of U.S. states.

One option that some terminally ill individuals choose is to stop all foods and fluids, a practice known as Voluntary Stopping Eating and Drinking.​

​Due to his cancer, Chris' digestive system stopped working. Attempts to use a feeding tube caused unbearable discomfort that could not be resolved. Chris chose to disconnect this tube.

A Finished Heart shares our personal journey, anchored in emotion and relationship, through which to discuss medical, legal, ethical, social and spiritual questions that arise with the practice of VSED.

I invite professionals in appropriate fields to 
contact me if you are interested in collaborating to develop and promote such discussions utilizing A Finished Heart.


​Eliott Cherry​

Voluntary Stopping Eating & Drinking (VSED)